Friday, 24 April 2009

MYH 238 The saga starts.

Here are the first 80 pictures, so in true Blog fashion read from the bottom up.
Progress as of 31/8/2011.
Picture of the JB type gearbox mounts, anybody have a spare pair? Looks like I will have to make these.

A rather dusty J but engine now fitted.
Engine fits

Engine going in. 
Engine on Hoist. 
Engine brackets fitted.

A "B" series engine has been purchased, correct engine mounts have to be made as the van was a 1952 side-valve and a "B" series engine is to be fitted.
Progress as of 2/8/2011.
Here are some more pictures, the project moves on slowly.
Engine gearbox united.
Almost ready for power unit to be fitted. 
New front chassis engine mount plates I made and fitted.

 JB's sub chassis rail are 3'' longer. As the gearbox is much longer and propeller shaft shorter.

Inside panels fitted.
Second coat of black, doors refitted.
MYtH 1  Chassis extension. (JB's are 3'' longer)

First coat of Matt Black paint.

Body work being rubbed down.

Wheels are now red.

Recent further progress after many months of resting, these pictures taken 8-8-2010.
Sliding door runners support wheels needed repair.
View of the wings to be fitted after the "new" engine is fitted.
At least the inside looks good.
Door in place.
Repaired spring loaded runner wheels being fitted.
View of the cab, its all coming together.

Sept 3rd 09 .
Roof now glossed and bolted on.
Wheeled out for some photos.
Starting to look like things are getting done!
It don't look bad.
Some more painting inside to be completed.
maybe engine and gearbox! Wait and see.

Friday 14th August 2009, Covered up, a good few days work completed.
Roof on. Nice one.
New tyres fitted. Inside gloss black, outside wait and see!

Roof off again. For the last time! Clean up and and paint undercoat.
Sliding doors removed, paint bottom edge. I will clean and service the door running wheels and springs.
Off the blocks onto axle stands.
Cleaning off rust and paint from the wheels . Its a pain.
The two interior panels painted.

My nice Morris Commercial sign.

And Back on the ground wheels and tyres removed.
Need cleaning and painting . And new tyres

The new home and so much space to work we might even have the bonus of electricity.

Unloading at the new workshop.

Almost there, look greenery!

A quick rest stop at the motorway services (tea and a wee).

On the M40 motorway heading out of London.

Time now to fit the roof for the journey to the new workshop.

Back on all fours, I look like a van again.

So its out of the tiny garage and now to fit the wheels.

May 2009. Time to move again as I need space to work.

To fit in garage, I had to take the wheels off, roof off, and even then it only just fits! I had to make up small wheel dollys for front and rear axles so I could get it in .

New garage clean dry but to small, but will have to do for now.

24-12-06 . Garage site looks more like a dump site. Being sold for flats! Just enough room to get 'J' out!

2006 Dec. The MYtH looking sad and about to be move garage.

Having forged ahead with work on MYH things were looking good. It was all going to well! Then things slowed down almost to a stop! made redundant, wife expecting baby, it's now family first 'J' type second ! My enthusiasm for J vans has never waned. thanks to a good few J owners. MYH is garaged it's dry and safe , I just have to check it every now and then, and keep the faith.

New floor completed. Getting there or so I thought!

Overhead shot.

Inside and out painted.

A look inside.

Paint stripped off and original signwriting revealed.

Roof removed.

Back in London. Welding work complete. Good job Bob!
Work now starts! (but no electric supply).

On the way to Bob Sandfords workshop.

First photo's of MYtH when pulled from the barn in Uckfield, Sussex in 1992/3.

View of the "barn find".

MYH 238 in use at an event with its sister vehicles..

MYH 238 in use at an event with its sister vehicles..